Psychedelic Retreat Weekend

This retreat is a perfect introduction to psychedelics, for first timers and seasoned Psychonauts.

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Psychedelic Retreat

  • Are you seeking to boost your creative energy to bring your dreams and projects to life?
  • Are you looking to enhance your self-relationship?
  • Do you wish to heal from trauma that has followed you for years?
  • Are you attempting to conquer addiction?
  • Have you been struggling with depression for a long time?
  • Do you find yourself feeling directionless or lacking motivation?
Psychedelic Retreat Introduction

Introduction to Psychedelics

In just four days you will be able to completely transform with our two psychedelic experiences, the first with psilocybin, and the second with psilocybin and San Pedro cactus. With dosages tailored to your specific needs and discussed in advance. We understand that each participant is unique, so we provide the necessary tools for you to connect with your inner healer, realign with your true self, and synchronize with the rhythms of nature.

Introduction to Psychedelics

Personalized Experience

Throughout the retreat, you'll be offered the chance to engage in a private session with our seasoned facilitators, where you can delve into any particular subjects or goals you're keen to investigate.

We blend techniques from the acclaimed John Hopkins/Imperial College approach—where attendees experience sessions wearing eye masks and listening to music—with our unique ceremonial ambiance. To elevate the journey, we incorporate live music that is thoughtfully selected for each specific moment, moving beyond a predetermined playlist.

Personalized Experience

The Psychedelic Experiences

Our retreat taps into the transformative energies of Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) and San Pedro (Mescaline), offering dosages personalized to meet your individual needs, established through prior discussion. Recognizing the uniqueness of every attendee, we equip you with the tools necessary for fostering a connection with your inner healer, realigning with your authentic self, and harmonizing with the natural world.

At the Mezquita, personalized attention is at the forefront of our approach, and we maintain small group sizes to guarantee a profound and impactful experience. We invite you to review the glowing testimonials from previous participants to gain insight into their experiences.

The Psychedelic Experiences

What's Included

  • Two psilocybin experiences
  • One day outdoor San Pedro and psilocybin experience
  • Integration and special four elements self-love clay cleanse
  • Creative workshops and daily morning yoga practice Sadhana
  • Beach-side accommodation and excellent vegan/vegetarian food
  • Post retreat support and guidance
What's Included

Retreat Highlights

  • Two different psychedelic sessions with experienced facilitators
  • Small groups of 8 guests max for a personalized experience
  • Great atmosphere and professional staff dedicated to your journey
  • Live medicine music, enhancing the psychedelic experience
  • A community/family vibe for deep connections
  • Special four elements self-love clay cleanse for spiritual well-being
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Retreat Highlights


Treatment of Depression

Significant and rapid effect on depression symptoms, offering a "reset" for brain activity.

Anxiety Reduction

Decreases in existential anxiety and improved quality of life following sessions.

Addiction Treatment

Effective in treating various forms of addiction, including alcoholism and tobacco addiction.

Enhanced Creativity and Openness

Increases creativity, openness, and enhances problem-solving abilities.

Treatment of PTSD

Helps treat PTSD by enabling patients to process traumatic memories in a therapeutic setting.

Improved Relationships and Sociability

Leads to improved relationships and increased empathy and compassion for others.