La Mezquita is a psychedelic retreat center nurtured by its community of specialised and cultivated handpicked facilitators, we have the purpose of delivering authentic, nurturing, safe and comfortable psychedelic experiences.

We work with, and share many types of medicinal plants and wellness practices starting from healthy diets and sleep; to yoga, meditation, breathwork, and Latin and North American indigenous knowledge and rituals to deliver our purpose. Our intention is to provide you with the opportunity, space, and tools to unlock hidden memories and work with them in a loving state. The goal of La Mezquita is for our guests to connect with their innate self or True Nature, and face from a place of love and relaxation the highest challenges of humanity; fear, ego, and illusion of ways of living.


Psychedelic Retreat Weekend

Experience 2 spiritual ceremonies; The first one with psilocybin and the second one with mescaline AND/OR psilocybin.

Experience traditional indigenous rituals.

Prepare an intention and reachable goal for your life journey, and execute it.

  • Experience deep healing

  • Change habits and grow

  • Feel a deep sense of connection

  • Heal trauma

Booking & Details